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Group’s objectives:
The UKSRG has the following objectives:
Promote a wider understanding of pedestrian slipping
Identify and disseminate ways to reduce pedestrian slipping
Promote the use of appropriate means of measuring and assessing slip resistance, particularly by means of the group’s guidelines
Monitor and encourage research on pedestrian slipping
Monitor developments in the field of pedestrian slipping
Commission appropriate technical work

Advantages of membership:
Participation in the objectives
Knowledge sharing with other members
Keeping up-to-date with relevant technology, ideas, standards updates and authoritative literature
Participation in new standards and technical papers
Taking part in research projects

Types of membership:
There are two types of members – full members and associate members
Full details are described in section 6 of the UKSRG Constitution


Membership Type Sub type Cost per annum, UK Cost per annum, Overseas
Full Member Main Member £100 £50
Honorary Member NIL NIL
Probationary Member £100 £50
Associate Member £50 £30

Applications for membership:
Applications for UKSRG membership are invited. Please complete the application form in pdf or Microsoft Word format.