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The importance of effective cleaning & maintenance of floors

Slip and trip accidents can be serious and extremely costly – both for building owners and managers and for the victims themselves.

The costs to industry are substantial (estimated at over £500m per annum in the UK) and there is incalculable human cost and suffering to those injured. Legal actions following an injury can be extremely damaging to business, especially when the public is involved, and insurance often only covers a small element of the cost.

Solutions are often simple and implementing an effective cleaning and maintenance programme is usually a cost-effective way of significantly reducing the risk of slips on floors.

The UK Slip Resistance Group (UKSRG) is currently working on a white paper to provide better information about the impact that correct cleaning and maintenance can have on significantly reducing the risk of slip accidents. The paper will look at the factors that contribute to slip accidents and when slips are likely to occur; correct product specification to suit the cleaning requirements of the application; the principles of cleaning and maintaining flooring; the costs and implications of getting it wrong; additional benefits of correct cleaning and other factors that should be considered (e.g. the use of entrance matting and safety flooring).

The paper is due for completion in Q2 2018.



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