Contents of the Guidelines

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UKSRG Guidelines Cover
1General Principles
2Background Information
2.1Why the Pendulum?
2.2Why Surface Roughness?
2.3Health & Safety Reminder
3Using the Pendulum
3.3Setting Up the Munro Stanley Pendulum
3.4Setting Up the Wessex or KSS Pendulum
3.5Setting the Zero
3.6Conducting the Test
4Slider 96
4.1Preparing Slider 96
5Slider 55
5.1Preparing Slider 55
5.2Verification Using Slider 55
6Using the Pendulum for Laboratory Tests
7Using the Rougness Meter
8Profiled Surfaces, Slopes & Stairs
8.1Using the Pendulum on Profiled Surfaces
8.2Using the Pendulum on Stairs
8.3Using the Pendulum on Slopes
9Assessing the Results
9.1Testing in 'as found' state
9.2Using the Results
9.3The Role of Footwear
10Care and Maintenance of the Pendulum
12Squeeze Film Theory
Appendix A – Slip Resistance Test Record Sheet